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There has been alot of discussions around password security and how many websites are very unsecure in how they store your password in databases, many don’t even use hash or encryption but rather store them in plain text. I will now try to explain in simple terms the technology behind password storage for websites and what […]

Perhaps it’s time for a new phone. I have a Nokia N95 now, but I’m thinking about getting a new one. The most popular phones today are the HTC Touch Diamond, IPhone 3G and Nokia N95. I have not tested the IPhone or HTC, but these are my observations on these phones. I also like […]

So today I got a response from Fox regarding my Simpsons-clip on YouTube. In response to your dispute of a video identification match, FOX reviewed your video Favorite clips from The Simpsons, part 1 and confirmed their claim to some or all of its visual content. This just sucks, the broadcast networks in US are […]

Today I decided to post a short clip on YouTube with a compilation of some funny scenes from The Simpsons, and it wasn’t long until the automated copyright protection of YouTube matched my video to property of Fox. I am disputing it, stating that it’s only a compilation of short clips, it’s not like it’s […]

I googled “silverstone bbs” today, keywords from my past, to see if I could find some new information about my old Atari powered BBS and some of the guys who I had contact with back in those days, around 1991-1995. I know there are alot of sites out there who still have lists, broken links and […]