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This weekend the boatmotor died in mid sea and after some restart attempts the battery was dead. Not knowing exactly what was wrong we had to first replace the battery to see if it would start at all. So we bought a new battery yesterday and it started right up again and we could get […]

Today it was time to launch the boat into the water again. It has been sitting on the trailer all winter with little preparation so I was abit worried about the motor being broken. We tested the motor abit on land like a week ago and all seemed fine, but still… To my surprise the […]

Today we pulled the boat out of the water on a trailer and to the shipyard. I borrowed my fathers car, a 4-wheel drive, so it was no problem at all to pull it up. It was a beautiful day, abit windy but after a while we managed to get the boat somewhat straight. We […]

Today is the last day of my 4 week holiday, it’s back to work. I have been out with the boat several days after coming home from NYC, swimming and sunbathing, the weather has been very nice indeed. The boat has not given us any problems since June, so it has been a good holiday […]

Today I took the boat out to a popular site for anchoring with boats and went for a swim, the first this year, and some sunbathing. The water temperature was very OK for a swim and the weather was great. I also tried out the top speed of the boat, and it’s just over 40 knots (measured by GPS) […]

The boatingtrip on midsummer’s eve started out really well, the boat was behaving beautifully for a very long time until it was jinxed and the problem with something blocking the fuelpipe occured again. So the target remains, we’ll have to try to clean the tank yet again. It was a good midsummer’s eve anyway, we […]

After yet another testdrive last weekend the same problem came back after a while, it worked perfectly for a long time though, so the problem was indeed inside the tank and something blocking the fuelpipe. But now I just needed to get the shit out from the tank somehow. So I bought a magnet and […]