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Back in the day when I was playing Counter-Strike and attending and arranging LANs and tournaments we used to make CS movies and roadtrip movies that were very popular. I decided to upload them to YouTube. This is very much walking down memory lane for many of us, enjoy :). NoM powah!


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I was in the mood for a new PS3 game this weekend and after playing the demo of H.A.W.X. I decided to get it, it was on sale too. The graphics is very good, and the feeling of plane control too. I played through the campaign missions on level “hard” and actually finished the game […]

It actually wasn’t so many years ago one was playing the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) 8-bit gaming console for hours at a time and suffering from a Nintendo-thumb. It’s mindblowing when you think about the progress made since then. When you look at the graphics possible back in the late 1980’s it’s laughable, but very nostalgic for people […]

I got “Rock Band” for Playstation 3 today and was hoping to play all my instruments from Guitar Hero World Tour. I read “official” compatibility charts for all instruments and the games so I knew it should work, but it didn’t. Rock Band does not recognize the drums of Guitar Hero World Tour, atleast not yet. […]

A few days ago I got the MIDI-USB cable that Red Octane will send out for free to those who are having problems with the sensitivity of the drumset in Guitar Hero World Tour. On their homepage you can download a software to install on your PC and set the sensitivity of each drumpad to […]

Expert drummer

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Yesterday me and a couple of my friends played some Guitar Hero World Tour at my place. Towards the end of the evening we decided to try out playing the drums on difficulty level “expert”, but with another person controlling the bass drum (the foot pedal). Removing the pedal from the main drummer proved to […]

Yesterday I picked up my complete bundle of Guitar Hero World Tour, and we had alittle afterwork at my place playing it all evening into the night. It was very fun to play four people at the same time (drums, lead guitar, base guitar and vocals). A few of the changes to World Tour from […]