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Recently my Netgear fvx538 firewall has been acting up, ending with pretty much total failure on the LAN side. It started with random WAN interface restarts, but now the LAN ports are hanging/locking up. Even with cables pulled out the port LEDs still are lit. The device then needs to be rebooted, and might work […]

Since there is still some slowness on the blog from time to time after database server change, the webserver will now also change. The change comes to effect when DNS is updated, which could take a day or two, but there will be no downtime as the site is still running on the old server […]

Recently the blog and main website has been pretty slow, unreachable sometimes, due to overloaded database server. The site is now using a different server and should be much faster loading pages.

A few days ago I suffered from disk failure on two disks in my RAID5 array, which forced me to re-install the server from scratch and restore it from older backups. The server is soon up again and Penskyfiles Radio will be online with it.

If you run your WordPress blog on some hosting partner you probably have the automatic updates of WordPress core and plugins working, but if you ever setup your own Linux server and trying to run WordPress on it, it is likely that this will not work out of the box, especially if you’re running multiple […]

This will be my first post in Swedish since it only applies to Sweden. Jag har skapat en ny liten enkel men rolig sida,, där man kan dela med sig av sina observationer om konstiga saker i vardagen och vardagsmysterier samt lite förklaringar på vanliga frågor man ofta undrar över. Än så länge är […]

I have been redecorating my home for a few weeks now, on and off. Getting rid of old and ugly bookshelfs and getting new more stylish ones that match some furniture I already have. I got the furniture and lights from IKEA, the “Expedit” bookshelf though came with no holes on half of the bookshelfs (!), […]