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Today I tested “PS3 Media Server“, a software that allows you to stream and view media from a PC to a Playstation 3, like HD movies. This is pretty much the same functionality as TVersity, which I have written a guide to on this blog, but PS3 Media ServerĀ is supposed to be able to handle […]

I upgraded the blog to WordPress 2.7 just now, there should be little changes to the blog appearance itself but the changes are behind the scenes, which is looking pretty good.

I’ve been using VMWare Server on my server at home for some time for experimental purposes on different setups with clients, servers and networks. I think it’s an amazing tool and very valuable and useful. Today I decided to upgrade my installation from 1.0.3 version to 2.0.0. I encountered some issues I had to solve, […]

Got the new battery pack for my UPS now and the internal temperature seems to be low and stable so far, it’s been charging now for an hour. I’m glad this solved the problem because getting a new UPS would’ve cost alot more money since it was out of warranty.

I just got my Synology DS207+ diskstation from Dustin Home to use as backup for my fileserver and also faster access when streaming video content and recording with my Dreambox digital TV receiver. I did some basic setup with a 2Tb RAID0 volume (2 disks) and ran a quick backup of the most important files […]

When I got home from work I was expecting the network to be down, like described in my previous post today. But to my horror the entire rack was dead. The UPS had shutdown completely, I had to reconnect my bad batteries for it to start again. I contacted APC to check if this is […]

Argh! As I previously posted my UPS at home failed this past weekend so I had to disconnect the batteries and wait for the new ones to arrive. Guess what, today my systems stopped responding in the middle of the day. I feared there was a power failure, the first unplanned one for two years, […]