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Lately I had been starting to smell a strange smell of rotten eggs in my apartment that seemed to originate from where I have my rack of servers. I didn’t think too much about it, but today I got an automated warning email from my APC UPS that the internal temperature exceeded the warning range. […]

When my server, which is running Windows 2003 Server, is transferring alot of data over the network, I often get this message when connected with Remote Desktop: “Because of an error in data encryption, this session will end.”, which is very very annoying when it’s happening repeatedly. I think this problem started with the latast RDP […]

Since movie streaming lags sometimes when streaming HD videos to my Playstation 3 from my fileserver, maximizing CPU usage when transcoding the stream with TVersity, I decided to upgrade the CPU of the fileserver from an Intel Core2Duo 1.8 Ghz (1066 FSB) to a 3.0 Ghz (1333 FSB). I just had to upgrade the BIOS […]

I previously installed TVersity on my Windows server at home to use as a media server where the Playstation 3 could read data such as photos, music and movies, and it worked fine with ordinary formats such as Windows Media Video and AVI/Xvid etc, but now I wanted to try out HD videos (720p). I […]

Today my ADSL connection was down for a few hours in my area in central Stockholm. I think this is the first unplanned break in my connection for 5 years, and perhaps third time total (atleast that I have noticed) so overall I am very happy with the quality of my DSL service, even though […]

Sex sells. It’s pretty amazing how porn and sex can generate visitors to websites. On blog search engines that displays the most common search words you will see the top 3 searches are “sex”, “sexnovels” and “sexblog”, the keywords used on more general search engines are probably more explicit and detailed than that. When I was in highschool […]

It’s nice to see that the popularity of is growing slowly but steady. Lately we have had many very popular videos that just keep getting those clicks, as everyone can see now since we introduced the file popularity graph by each file. There is one file in particular that gets many visitors from Google […]