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Portal party

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Yesterday (Thursday) evening one of our hardware supplier companies (called Portal) at work had a party gathering for their clients at a hotel near the Globe Arena in Stockholm. We went there ofcourse with high expectations for free food, free drinks and good music. It was a good time, even though we were only three from […]

Turku jamboree

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We arrived in Turku (Åbo) by boat early on Wednesday morning, then we waited for our Finnish collegues and went by bus to a place called Herrankukkaro, which is an old traditional fisherman’s village with old wooden cottages and also ofcourse saunas and hot tubs. We started out by some welcome drinks and then lunch, […]

Turku arrival

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Early this morning I arrived in Turku, Finland, by cruise ship. Me and my collegues are going to attend our annual department conference at work to discuss goals and also get to know one and other over a few beers and sauna. We’ll be around 40-50 people total I think, 9 from Sweden. Our cruise ship left Stockholm […]

Yesterday early in the morning I headed for Gothenburg (Tollered) and visited one of our sites and fixed some issues with their network and changed ISP, which means I had to change IP-addreses, do some network patching, re-configuration of services, printers and other hardware, and then testing. I also went to our local office in […]

This evening we had an afterwork gathering with drinks and some Guitar Hero, Singstar and Dance mat again. This time more people showed up from other departments also and everyone had a good time. Seems like women have a talent for Guitar Hero, everyone did surprisingly well. Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby!