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It was a long time since I posted something here now, but I have had nothing to post really and just forgot about it. Here’s a recent picture, one of my favorites of my ride, can’t wait until summer!

I visited the Wheels magazine Classic Car show at Barkarby Airport last weekend to look at some muscle cars. There were ofcourse most classic cars, but also some nice modern cars. Here are some pictures, ofcourse my Dodge Charger was also there :).

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Back in the day when I was playing Counter-Strike and attending and arranging LANs and tournaments we used to make CS movies and roadtrip movies that were very popular. I decided to upload them to YouTube. This is very much walking down memory lane for many of us, enjoy :). NoM powah!

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An Android phone will scan your entire memory card for music and images and display them as available media in the players and albums, but maybe you don’t want to show all media but only specific folders. There is a solution for this. To hide media in a specific folder from the player apps do this:

  1. Windows: Open notepad and save an empty file as filename “.nomedia”. Linux: In a terminal window create a file called “.nomedia” by typing “touch .nomedia”.
  2. Connect your Android phone by USB and copy the file into all folders you wish to hide from the media scan.
  3. Done.

The media (music, images and movies) contained in this folder will now be ignored and not show up in your MP3 or movie player on the phone. To access and play them you can use a file manager, like Astro File Manager.

I have had my HTC Desire Android phone for a while now and I have a few recommendations for free, good, useful, nice and fun apps & games for your phone. In Sweden we only have free apps in the market so far, so these recommendations are only based on free apps. Here’s my list so far…


Android applications:

  • Astro File manager. A useful file manager app so you can browse your files and folders.
  • Transdroid. Monitor and control your uTorrent client at home on your mobile phone.
  • MixZing Media Player. Pretty good media player for you music.
  • Ringdroid. Create ringtones from your favorite songs.
  • Weather widgets ( Weather widget and clock from
  • Swedish dictionary.
  • Scandinavian keyboard.
  • Handcent SMS. Very nice SMS application, can be modified to look any way you want.
  • WordPress. Manage your WordPress blogs from your mobile phone.
  • Layar Reality Browser. A fun augmented reality browser.
  • Köp & sälj på Tradera. An ebay-like app for Swedish Tradera (eBay).
  • aDyno. An app for your car, it can measure 0-100 times, laptimes, g-forces, show graphs and record data.
  • Advanced Task Killer. Kill applications that are running in the background.
  • Trafikinfo. Show’s traffic information on maps, roadworks and other notes (Sweden).
  • Bambuser. Stream video in real-time from your mobile phone.
  • Google Maps.
  • Weather application from
  • Remote RDP Lite. Remote desktop application.
  • Twitter.
  • Shazam. Application that identifies songs by listening to them.
  • 3G Watchdog. Monitors your data traffic.
  • Google Goggles. Google image search.
  • Mix Megapol. Stream from MIX Megapol radio station (Sweden).
  • SMS-Biljetter. Manage yall our SMS-tickets in Sweden with this app.
  • Cinema. Movie player.
  • Compass.
  • AFT Supernytt. Aftonbladet news (Sweden).
  • IT news from
  • Prisjakt. Compare product prices and read reviews (Sweden).
  • Week Number Widget. Displays the current week number.
  • TV-guide (Sweden).
  • Nimbuzz IM & Voice. MSN, ICQ, Facebook chat and more with one app.

Android games:

  • Jewels. You probably know it, classic game.
  • Bistro cook. Cook the right ingridients to serve a complete dish.
  • Air Control. Direct airplanes to the right runway, very nice.
  • SuperYatzy Free. Yes, Yatzy.
  • Robo Defense Free. Your avarage tower defense game for the phone.

Yesterday I got my new mobile phone, an HTC Desire. It’s just amazing, such a great interface and super fast with so much capabilities. I think it’s better than Iphone in so many ways, i love Android and what HTC has done with it. There are a few glitches with some widgets, but nothing major so far. I will have great fun with this phone and with can do so much, no limit with seems. Top notch! I’m on a horse.

Today I put went to a tyre dealership and had them replace the tyres on my 22″ chrome rims for my brand new ones and put the on the car. With this, pimping my ride for the 2010 season is complete :). This is what I have done with it during the winter:

  • Exhaust: New Flowmaster Force II kit with Super 44 mufflers and 4″ tips, stainless steel catback system.
  • Airfilter: K&N Cold Air Intake (CAI) filter.
  • Tyres: Dunlop Sport SP Maxx 265/35R22 tyres with nitrogen.
  • Tune: Tuned with DiabloSport Predator (U7135). Currently using 91 octane* performance CAI tune. (*91 US octane is equal to 95 EU octane).

Please let it be a very good summer coming up! I’m on a horse.