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The summer tyres are now on! Also I have washed the car thorough so it’s all shiny, but there will probably be some rain soon enough to change that. Here is a new picture, with the new rear wing spoiler on too.

It was a long time since I posted something here now, but I have had nothing to post really and just forgot about it. Here’s a recent picture, one of my favorites of my ride, can’t wait until summer!

I visited the Wheels magazine Classic Car show at Barkarby Airport last weekend to look at some muscle cars. There were ofcourse most classic cars, but also some nice modern cars. Here are some pictures, ofcourse my Dodge Charger was also there :).

Here are some more pictures of my Dodge Charger, now named “Vanessa” after the movie “Gone in 60 seconds” which featured another type of Charger with this codename.

The dream car for me has always been a Corvette, but when I visited New York last summer I spotted a Dodge Charger, which came to be another dream car of mine. Last week I found one Charger for sale which looked very nice and had a nice pricetag to it. I looked over my […]

A 45 year old man in Sweden (Visby) was going to get his new car, but¬†was delayed so he was offered a loaner until it was ready. Appearently this was not good enough for the man who runs amok and drives the red loan car through the glass walls into the store, ramming several other […]