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I was in the mood for a new PS3 game this weekend and after playing the demo of H.A.W.X. I decided to get it, it was on sale too. The graphics is very good, and the feeling of plane control too. I played through the campaign missions on level “hard” and actually finished the game […]

It actually wasn’t so many years ago one was playing the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) 8-bit gaming console for hours at a time and suffering from a Nintendo-thumb. It’s mindblowing when you think about the progress made since then. When you look at the graphics possible back in the late 1980’s it’s laughable, but very nostalgic for people […]

Red Alert 3

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Every now and then I enjoy some strategic games in the Command & Conquer series, and not long ago Red Alert 3 was released. The idea and gameplay of the game is just like what you’d expected. The plot is that the Russians as a last desperate attempt to rule the world used a time […]

Farcry 2

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Collected my pre-order of the PS3 game Far Cry 2 today and spent a couple of hours with it. The first impression was that the graphics was maybe not as awesome as I’ve thought, but it is still pretty cool. Also the environment is very nice and the play area huge, you can run or drive […]

I tried the PC game “Hell’s Kitchen” today, just because. It’s like a small restaurant simulation game where you have to place ingridients in the right order to complete all dishes at the same time or else Gorgon Ramsay will shout “donkey” at you. It was pretty fun the first hour, but quickly becomes pretty […]

The new 160Gb Playstation 3 will ship with the game “Uncharted: Drakes fortune”, so I have been curious about this game since it’s pretty old and is now on sale at Dustin Home. So after being recommended the game I decided to get it. I have played through the first couple of episodes and the […]