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An Android phone will scan your entire memory card for music and images and display them as available media in the players and albums, but maybe you don’t want to show all media but only specific folders. There is a solution for this. To hide media in a specific folder from the player apps do […]

Ever since I noticed that TouchFlo 3D (also known as Manila) got updated on newer phones, but not on my HTC Touch HD, I have been thinking of doing it myself with one of the multiple custom ROMs available for this phone, made by enthusiasts of the Windows Mobile community. The newer versions of Manila […]

If you run your WordPress blog on some hosting partner you probably have the automatic updates of WordPress core and plugins working, but if you ever setup your own Linux server and trying to run WordPress on it, it is likely that this will not work out of the box, especially if you’re running multiple […]

Ever since I got my Asus eee PC 1000HE installed with eeebuntu linux I have had problems with very low volume on the speaker, even tho the speaker volume slider was showing max volume. I didn’t spend much time investigating why this was, just accepting it. But today I found the solution to it, and […]

Recently I’ve been playing around with Photoshop, retouching photos and making artistic twists in particular, and have come to like it after finding some very cool blogs with Photoshop tutorials, guides and how-to’s. One of them is “moderskeppet” which is an awarded¬†Swedish Photoshop blog with lots of video tutorials and tips. The other I found […]

I’m using Telia as network provider for my mobile phone, but on their website they don’t have any automatic settings available for download for my new HTC Touch HD, nor any other HTC mobiles for that matter. So one have to enter the information manually to enable MMS and Internet connection, and here’s how…

When my server, which is running Windows 2003 Server,¬†is transferring alot of data over the network, I often get this message when connected with Remote Desktop: “Because of an error in data encryption, this session will end.”, which is very very annoying when it’s happening repeatedly. I think this problem started with the latast RDP […]