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Ever since I noticed that TouchFlo 3D (also known as Manila) got updated on newer phones, but not on my HTC Touch HD, I have been thinking of doing it myself with one of the multiple custom ROMs available for this phone, made by enthusiasts of the Windows Mobile community. The newer versions of Manila […]

Recently I noticed that the camera in my HTC Touch HD showed I had only 59 photos left until my memory card would be full, which was strange because I had only used about 3.5 Gb out of the 8 Gb available. This seems to be a bug on the phone when approaching about half […]

Here is a small collection of applications I recommend and find either very cool or useful for your HTC Touch HD or any other Windows Mobile phone. These applications will unlock hidden powers inside your phone and make it even more user friendly better looking. So here’s my list, in no particular order…

On April 7th HTC released a new ROM version for the HTC Touch HD for Europe (English (Pan Europe and UK), Italian, Dutch, French, Finnish, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish). The fixes are: Updated the Connection Setup Database. Improved emergency call connections while using Airplane Mode. The GPS position updating speed has been enhanced. A […]

I previously wrote a post about my problems with playlists and music with the TouchFLO3D music player, and today I found a solution/workaround for this problem and decided to publish it as a new post. This problem applies more to people using non-English versions of Windows Media Player or have music of a non-English language […]

The HTC Touch HD (Blackstone) mobile phone is probably one of the most advanced out there right now, and many users have alot of questions, thoughts and there are also a few bugs. So here is a list of hints, tips, tricks and solutions for your HTC Touch HD. Among my previous posts you can also find […]

A few months ago I posted a page about HTC Touch Diamond vs IPhone 3G but I think that comparing IPhone 3G with HTC Touch Diamond was not as appropriate as comparing it with the newer HTC Touch HD, which is really the “IPhone killer” right now. So here I will post the info about these two […]