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I Read about Google Latitude today and decided to check it out. Google Latitude is a free product featured in Google Maps that you can install on your GPS mobile phone which will then let your friends (which you choose who should be able to see your location) see exactly where you are, in real-time. […]

A few months ago I posted a page about HTC Touch Diamond vs IPhone 3G but I think that comparing IPhone 3G with HTC Touch Diamond was not as appropriate as comparing it with the newer HTC Touch HD, which is really the “IPhone killer” right now. So here I will post the info about these two […]

I read an article today about cameras in mobile phones becoming more and more advanced and noticed a paragraph about taking panorama pictures directly in the phone and thought it was pretty cool. I looked around in the menues of my HTC Touch HD for this function and sure enough, there is one. Just click the […]

Today I bought the HTC Touch HD mobile phone I’ve been writing about :). Here are some pictures from the unboxing. Currently I’m syncronizing my music to the 8 Gb memory card that came with it, there’s probably tons of settings I need to do before everything is like I want it, which will keep […]

Sometimes one just needs some new electronic gadget to play with, atleast me and most of my friends gets that urge a few times per year. As you perhaps already know I am looking for a new mobile phone, and I’ve had my eyes on the just released HTC Touch HD for some time now. It’s available on […]

The price and date for the new HTC Touch HD mobile phone has been set, currently the date in Sweden is 2008-11-21. This phone I think has it all; touch screen, microSD memory expansion, 3.5mm headphone plug, 5 megapixel camera, nice user interface (Windows Mobile 6.1 with TouchFlo 3D), big high resolution screen, better battery than […]

HTC Touch HD

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I just read that HTC will release a new mobile phone in the Touch-series before Christmas, HTC Touch HD. This model is abit bigger than the Touch Diamond, about the same size as the iPhone, but with a 480×800 display. The new model will include all features as the Touch Diamond, but also a microSD […]