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Say Sherlock Holmes the other day, and I think it was actually pretty good. I’m not too sure about the idea of Sherlock Holmes as a super-hero with ninja-skills, but it is well made and exciting to watch.


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Saw “2012” yesterday, another end-of-the-world movie, I like those. I was a bit afraid that this one was too American, but it wasn’t that bad. But yet the movie didn’t bring anything new that you haven’t seen before in “Deep impact” or “Knowing” for example.


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Saw Avatar yesterday, seems to be the hype movie of the season. It’s an animated movie about an alien world that humans wants to exploit for a rare mineral, no matter what the cost is for the native humanoids. It’s a pretty good movie, but for me it was abit too much of fantasy and […]

District 9

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Saw “District 9” today, a movie about an alien species whose ship breaks down and can’t leave Earth again, suffering from starvation mankind decides to help them by allowing them to stay on Earth in slumlike camps, and they remain there for 20 years. They are harrassed and abused, controlled and moved around and no […]

The taking of Pelham 123 is a movie about terrorists taking control of a subway train, holding hostages for ransom. The leader, played by John Travolta, makes his demands on the phone with a subway control operator, played by Denzel Washington, and they develope a bond. It’s a pretty good movie, and John Travolta always […]

Transformer 2 (rise of the fallen) brings alot of nice special effects and eye-candy, and some bots are impressive and cool, but it has not got a good story I think. No big surprises in the movie, it’s pretty predictable, but some bots do got some gangsta lingo going on from time to time.


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Impact is a TV mini-series in two parts. It’s about a huge meteor crashing into the moon almost destroying it, which has a devastating effect on its orbit, and on the Earth, causing strange phenomenons to occur all around the world. Now, much like in the “Armageddon” and “Deep impact” movies, the world must unite […]