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So now the Olympics are over and the results for Sweden are nothing but failures and disappointments, allthough it was nice to win the silver medal in tennis and also the respectful performance by Jörgen Persson in tabletennis was nice to see, too bad he didn’t get a medal, he deserved it. The 2008 Olympics in China […]

This is the worst sportsmanship I’ve seen in the Olympics, I think it’s very upsetting when players attack the referees in any sport, but Cuban taekwondo contender Angel Matos takes the cake when he attacks the Swedish referee with a kick to the face after being disqualified. Rules say you have one minute to attend wounds […]

After Swedish wrestler Ara Abrahamain and SOK (Swedish Olympic Committee) reported FILA to CAS (international Arbitrary Court of Sports) they are now forced to make changes in the organisation to work towards the Olympic spirit, rules on fair play and always have a jury to receive protests available. In the semi final match that Ara […]

A hacker by the alias Stryde (Mike Walker) is reported to have found information that Chinese gymnast and Olympic gold medalist He Kexin is only 14 years old, while the rules say that you have to be 16 to compete in gymnastics. Googling for information about He Kexin he found that her name was not found in official […]

Ara Abrahamian and the Swedish Olympic Committee (SOK) are now reporting FILA to the court of arbitration of sports (CAS) for misconduct during the semi final match that got a lot of attention after Ara threw away his bronze medal in protest of the referee gave the win to Italys Andrea Minguzzi after some debatable […]

The International Olympic Committee has sent a letter to the Swedish justice department requesting that action is taken against The Pirate Bay for having links to the video of the opening ceremony. The Pirate Bay responded by changing their logo on the website to “The Beijing Bay” and also as a protest against the corruption […]

The Swedish rowing duo Markus Oscarsson and Anders Gustafsson deliberately failed the K-2 canoeing in the Olympics today. The explination for this is that by qualifying to K-2 they also qualified for K-1, an event that they both have a higher chance of winning. The K-1 race starts only one hour after the K-2, so they decided […]