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Not only was my train 15 minutes late to the station, a few hundred meters after Stockholm Central station there was a loss of power on all northbound trains so after a 40 minute wait on the train they evacuated it and we had to walk along the tracks back to Central station and get […]

When I got home from work I was expecting the network to be down, like described in my previous post today. But to my horror the entire rack was dead. The UPS had shutdown completely, I had to reconnect my bad batteries for it to start again. I contacted APC to check if this is […]

Argh! As I previously posted my UPS at home failed this past weekend so I had to disconnect the batteries and wait for the new ones to arrive. Guess what, today my systems stopped responding in the middle of the day. I feared there was a power failure, the first unplanned one for two years, […]