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I was in the mood for a new PS3 game this weekend and after playing the demo of H.A.W.X. I decided to get it, it was on sale too. The graphics is very good, and the feeling of plane control too. I played through the campaign missions on level “hard” and actually finished the game […]

Today I tested “PS3 Media Server“, a software that allows you to stream and view media from a PC to a Playstation 3, like HD movies. This is pretty much the same functionality as TVersity, which I have written a guide to on this blog, but PS3 Media Server is supposed to be able to handle […]

Farcry 2

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Collected my pre-order of the PS3 game Far Cry 2 today and spent a couple of hours with it. The first impression was that the graphics was maybe not as awesome as I’ve thought, but it is still pretty cool. Also the environment is very nice and the play area huge, you can run or drive […]

Since movie streaming lags sometimes when streaming HD videos to my Playstation 3 from my fileserver, maximizing CPU usage when transcoding the stream with TVersity, I decided to upgrade the CPU of the fileserver from an Intel Core2Duo 1.8 Ghz (1066 FSB) to a 3.0 Ghz (1333 FSB). I just had to upgrade the BIOS […]

I previously installed TVersity on my Windows server at home to use as a media server where the Playstation 3 could read data such as photos, music and movies, and it worked fine with ordinary formats such as Windows Media Video and AVI/Xvid etc, but now I wanted to try out HD videos (720p). I […]

The new 160Gb Playstation 3 will ship with the game “Uncharted: Drakes fortune”, so I have been curious about this game since it’s pretty old and is now on sale at Dustin Home. So after being recommended the game I decided to get it. I have played through the first couple of episodes and the […]

Sony is releasing a new model of Playstation 3 with 160Gb harddisk and with Dual Shock controllers as standard. Just released is the 80Gb model, also with Dual Shocks, but with the 160Gb you will also get 80 euro worth of downloadable content from Playstation Store coming soon, and also bundled with the game “Unsharted: Drake’s […]