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I got “Rock Band” for Playstation 3 today and was hoping to play all my instruments from Guitar Hero World Tour. I read “official” compatibility charts for all instruments and the games so I knew it should work, but it didn’t. Rock Band does not recognize the drums of Guitar Hero World Tour, atleast not yet. […]

I’m so looking forward to this! This fall both Guitar Hero World Tour and Rock Band 2 are released, both with guitar, microphone and drumset. But what are the differences between the games and what will I get? I have read that Guitar Hero is generally a more difficult (and fun) game to play, if […]

Earlier this week we had an afterwork at the office with beers and various games, such as Guitar Hero & Sing Star. It was surprisingly funny with Guitar Hero so I decided to get Legends of Rock for my PS3 also, in waiting for Guitar Hero World Tour with a drumset, mic and second guitar. I have […]