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I played my first online freeroll of Texas Hold’em today with a real money prize pool (50 euros). It was free to register and play, so a friend recommended it since you can’t lose anything. There were about 1200 people participating and I was holding on but I really got shitty cards in the beginning […]

Ever been delt the same two cards several times in a row? Or just seen too many straights and flushes to be random? Well, it happens to me surprisingly often. Is it just my me or is the dealer on free poker games such as the one on Facebook, not shuffling the deck good enough? […]

I enjoy the occational poker game of no limit Texas Hold’em, but I have never played online with real money. With fake money it’s still very fun, but I doubt it’s anything like playing with real money since many people don’t care about their fake money they are very difficult to bluff and they play […]

Killed some time at the poker table on Facebook today and managed to get a few sweet hands, don’t you just love it when a play comes together? Let me take you through a round; blinds are 10/20 and we each haveĀ about 2-3000 in chips, the guy before me raises to 300 and I re-raise […]