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Today I had a little “Fringe” marathon. I saw the pilot a few weeks ago so on this slow Sunday I decided to catch up with the episodes. This TV series is alot like “The X-files” but less aliens and more medical stuff, and more graphic, “viewer discretion is advised”. It’s a pretty good show, but I’m not […]

I’ve been watching the new Knight Rider series for the first few episodes now, and I’m abit sad to say that I think they screwed it up abit. The original series from the 1980’s with David Hasselhoff is in many aspects better than the new one, even though the new series ofcourse comes with better […]

Tonight the television show “Heroes” is back with season 2 in Sweden, I’m looking forward to following the series again, I like the first season very much. They say that the first season “they had to save the world”, this season “they will have to save themselves”. I guess we’ll find out what happened to […]