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Today I had a little “Fringe” marathon. I saw the pilot a few weeks ago so on this slow Sunday I decided to catch up with the episodes. This TV series is alot like “The X-files” but less aliens and more medical stuff, and more graphic, “viewer discretion is advised”. It’s a pretty good show, but I’m not […]

Saw the new X-files movie yesterday and I must say I was abit disappointed. Somehow you assumed there would be aliens and the continued search for Mulders sister, but this movie’s plot had nothing to do with aliens and rather little to do with the unexplained phenomenons usually found in the X-files. But if you […]

The XXX-files

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David Duchovny, from the popular TV-show and movies of “The X-files”, is supposedly suffering from Internet porn addiction and spend hours on online sex chats. A friend of his is now denying that the problem David and his wife Tea Leoni are having is due to David cheating on his wife, but rather his addiction to […]