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This is a pretty cool and funny song by “The lonely island”, called “Jizz in my pants” :). The same people that made that “Dick in a box”-song on SNL. With more serious lyrics this song would be very nice, I like the tune and chorus, but even with this lyrics it’s a nice sound […]

Swedish TV gameshow hostess Eva Nazemson pukes on live national TV, gets put on YouTube and becomes a celebrity invited to Tyra Banks show in the U.S. This is not a flattering way to get famous, and it wasn’t intentional like most YouTube-celebrities, but none the less she’s now a YouTube-celebrity. This girl was already a public […]

So today I got a response from Fox regarding my Simpsons-clip on YouTube. In response to your dispute of a video identification match, FOX reviewed your video Favorite clips from The Simpsons, part 1 and confirmed their claim to some or all of its visual content. This just sucks, the broadcast networks in US are […]

Today I decided to post a short clip on YouTube with a compilation of some funny scenes from The Simpsons, and it wasn’t long until the automated copyright protection of YouTube matched my video to property of Fox. I am disputing it, stating that it’s only a compilation of short clips, it’s not like it’s […]